Partners and Affiliates

Anyone wishing to have a "LINK" or contact information placed on our website, please contact us at (850) 372-4793.


Jackson County Board of County Commissioners (Jackson County, Florida) - Jackson County BOCC

Florida Conservation District Employees Association - FCDEA


Association of Florida Conservation Districts - AFCD

National Association of Conservation Districts - NACD

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services/Office of Agricultural Water Policy - FDACS / OAWP

United States Department of Agriculture / Natural Resources Conservation Service - USDA / NRCS


Florida USDA/NRCS website


Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences / University of Florida Extension - IFAS / UofF

Jackson County, Florida IFAS Extension Office


Northwest Florida Water Management District - NWFWMD


The Water Management District's cost-share program is focused on the Jackson Blue Spring BMAP area but is fairly robust within that area. All information (map, brochure, application, etc.) is available at:


Or you may contact:

Northwest Florida Water Management District

(850) 539-2650/ FAX (850) 539-2777

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